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Miss Kitty

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This is Miss Kitty, I got her ages ago, she's about 20 now (Really).
She's been slowing down, and even slowly fading. So much so that she's not able to get around and use the litter box. So I set up a good sized crate for her (large dog crate really) and turned the liner into a giant litter pan. She's been happy with that for a while, but this past weekend she couldn't get out of it on her own (I bring her out daily, put her on a house breaking pad with food and water so she's not cooped up 100% of the time).

Well today, I opened the crate door and she fell out of the crate. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. She's still in good spirits, and happy to see me (and eager to be fed) but I've made the final vet appointment for next Wednesday.

Gonna miss her, she's been a good kitty.

and Yes, her name is Kitty Karlyle.

ETA: posted direct from flickr, so edited for spelling and clarity
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