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Braiiiins - or more things I can't be allowed to have

Craigslist has an interesting listing in ABQ:

4x4 Zombie/Armageddon Survival Truck

Some of the wingnutty phrasings:
1976 Jeep J20 4x4 Zombie/Armageddon Survival Truck. Look we all know the end of the world is soon, so here is your chance to be PREPARED!

... you’ll be enclosed by a STEEL cabin. This should keep out swine/horse/dog/sheep flu infected zombies looking to feed on your brain.


It has fresh white paint and could easily blend in with the other UN/NWO/ILLUMINATI vehicles in case you need to bust your family out of the FEMA camps.


I will be no longer needing it since I’ve raised my vibration and I’ll be ascending to the 4th dimension via either astral projection or instant rapture, I’m not sure.


In all, it's so funny I had to share :)


Hope he gets what he's asking before the zombies get him!

ETA: Line breaks, LJ ate them all!
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