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Support Stem Cell Research

Tell the Federal Government How You Feel About Stem Cell Research

(the above link says everything I want to say, and has a video too! You won't offend me if you just follow the link :)

This is important folks!

President Obama removed the restrictions that Bush had placed on Stem Cell Research, but he also called upon the NIH to draft a new set of guidelines for scientists wanting federal funding.

The guildlines have been released at http://stemcells.nih.gov/policy/2009draft.htm

Of course there are problems with the guidelines, plus during this the comment period opponents of the research are flooding the comment process with negative emails.

Go to this page and leave your comments. You can simply copy and paste the phrase "I support embryonic stem cell research, and am glad some of the restrictions are being loosened." There are longer boilerplates and snail mail addresses/contacts available here.

I'm also pasting the longer boilerplate for your convenience:

Embryonic stem cell research holds great promise for millions of Americans
suffering from many diseases and disorders. I am not a scientist, but I
have been following progress in this field with great interest. Significant
strides have been made over the past decade, and the final guidelines issued
by NIH must build on this progress so that cures and new therapies can get
to patients as quickly as possible. The final guidelines should not create
new bureaucratic hurdles that will slow the pace of progress.

I am pleased that these draft guidelines -- in Section II B -- would appear
to permit federal funding of stem cell lines previously not eligible for
federal funding and for new lines created in the future from surplus embryos
at fertility clinics. However, as drafted, Section II B does not ensure that
any current stem cell line will meet the criteria outlined and thus be
eligible for federal funding. It will be important for the final guidelines
to allow federal funds for research using all stem cell lines created by
following ethical practices at the time they were derived. This will ensure
that the final guidelines build on progress that has already been made.

I also believe that the final guidelines should permit federal funding for
stem cell lines derived from sources other than excess IVF embryos, such as
somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). Sections II B and IV of the draft
guidelines do not permit such federal funding and I recommend that the final
guidelines provide federal funding using stem cell lines derived in other
ways. If not, it is essential that the NIH continue to monitor developments
in this exciting research area and to update these guidelines as the
research progresses.

Thank you!

If you support this research and don't speak up now, it could be a long time before we get another chance to change things. Please go to the site and comment!
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