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Ah Shit

Posting this from work, so it's ugly, but it's very important.

A former coworker of mine has been diagnosed with COPD. His condition has gotten so bad so fast that the only hope is the have a double lung transplant.

The catch is that he can't get on the waiting list until he has $500,000 to $1,000,000 in cash or insurance.

Not going to rant here how absolutely unfair that is, but I will say all of my overseas friends are also welcome to run out and kiss you nearest non-slimy politician that you aren't stuck with such a barbaric health care system.

I will post this link:


that's the details of what's going on and how you can help. Follow bridgit's LJ, there's lots of fund raising being done.

http://www.transplantfund.org/restricted/patient-guestbook.cfm?pat_id=2727 is a direct link to the group that is helping with the fund raising, you can donate there if you're able.

If you can't help out with money, please post the details, a lot of you have much wider readership then I and getting the word out fast is Chucks only hope.

Everyone is also welcome to post words of support on Chucks guestbook, I can only imagine how needed that is right now.

Hugs to everyone and thanks!

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