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Changing Pharmacies

One of the inevitable things about getting older, you can count on having prescriptions to transfer when you move.

So after asking around and deciding that the chain that was so stupid in Phoenix was worth a shot here in ABQ I took the plunge.

Showed up with my nearly empty pill bottles and they took the info down, my info and I said I'd be happy to get them Friday, since that was the last day of my current supply.

The score:

+1 point for being very close
+3 points for being 24hrs
-1 point for that only being the store front part and not the real pharmacy part, though I can pickup until 10PM so that's pretty cool.
+5 points for calling to transfer the script within 15 minutes of me walking out the door, which I know because ...
-2 points for calling me, instead of the pharmacy in PHX to make the transfer, and calling me TWICE!

But finally

+999 points for style when he covered the second mistaken phone call with "Oops, well sir, would you like to pick these up tonight?"

These guys have definitely redeemed my opinion of the chain from what was messed up at PHX.
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