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Election Night Chat

I'm hosting an IRC chat over on Sff.net Tuesday night (irc.sff.net in room #politics).

Come in, talk about what the pundits are saying. Talk about what they're avoiding! Or tell us what your cats are doing.

We don't really care as long as you play nice with those in the room.

http://www.sff.net/people/pff/chatpages/Politics.htm will get you a java client that logs you right into the room if you don't have a normal IRC client.

See you there!

(yes I've recycled this message, come in and yell at me for being lazy!)

BTW new job has started, I'm in Albuquerque NM, so I won't be really early to this chat, I'm thinking around 6-7PM MST for my arrival (depending on how long it takes me to get to where I'll be logging in from.)

ETA Removed "during the debate" :)
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