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Interview with "big internet webhosting company based in AZ".

on the phone with the Managing Engineer and two Sr Linux Engineers, and I'm ready for the grilling to be brutal.

Manager tosses me an easy question

(Ah I think, he's trying to make me relax and then they'll ask me how to binary edit a corrupt hard drive in Solaris 2.1 - which for those of you that care was only current from 12/1992 to 5/1993)

So I answer his question quickly and with not too much detail but let him know I can find the details if he needs it...

Next question, equally easy.

Third Question, Also easy but we discussed some possible variations on how it might be handled for variations in workflow.

First Engineers turn - typical question Discuss something you're proud of solving. I pull out something that's nearly as obscure as using a raw editor to fix a bad hard drive - and I know that 1/2 way into it I've lost them completely. Maybe they'll look my answer up and find I'm one of the resources quoted on it in Usenet :)

2nd Eng question - Have you worked with hundreds of servers before? Yup, the place I was at had many thousands of servers, and it's fair to say I built 30% or more of them myself.

Mgr asked if there were anymore questions and wrapped up the call.

*blink, blink*

I thanked them and said generally good things, but all the time I'm thinking "this was a 15-20 minute call, what did I do wrong?"

10 minutes later the recruiter calls and gushes "You did great, they want to see you first thing Monday."

Wow, never hit one out of the park before ;)

Wish me luck on the face to face Monday AM!
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