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And Mother Nature says "Muahahahaha!"

So last week I was too chicken to brave the storms and head north to Flagstaff. But this week, it's supposed to be 40's and 50's (F) so I figure it's a safe trip.

Oh except for the 12 inches of snow that got dumped on us Friday and I ended up driving through.

Yesterday was all you could ask for, sunny, about 46 and the roads quickly cleared of snow. It's really pretty to watch several inches of very white snow come sliding off an evergreen.

Today is supposed to be the same as Sunday, but when I wake up, it's strangely dark. Oh look the weather's been updated:

Moderate to heavy snow will affect the area from Flagstaff and Williams southward to Munds Park and portions of Highway 89a in Oak Creek Canyon through at least 1000 am MST. Visibility will be reduced to a half mile or less with snowfall rates of up to two inches an hour.


Judging from the amount of new snow that was in sheltered areas (winds blowing pretty fierce). I'd say we've gotten maybe six inches.

The good news it's 34 degrees here (1.1C) so it probably will turn to rain soon and wash some of it away.

Unless we get a cold snap too ...
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