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Oh mighty LJ Mind

I do humbly come before you with praise and gifts and a query.

(ok no gifts, but you really do know everything so ...)

In considering a New PC, I'm tossing Vista on the scrap heap (ain't even gonna try it) and going with XP (sorry Mac users, I'm not ready to go that route). However, should I go with XP Pro (32 bit) or XP Pro (64 bit)? XP Home is out because it is (or was) a crippled version that wouldn't allow you to VPN into an office environ. (Just in case you wanted to know why I'm not listing it).

The system will be an Intel Core 2 Quad, with 2GB of RAM (maybe 4) and used on the high end mostly for gaming and photo processing (yeah I know Mac does photos better - it's too late to change so quit it!)

I'm seeing a marginal difference in price between the 32 and 64 bit versions, and it seems that the 64 bit is supported by the games I'm interested in.

So, anyone have any thoughts on 32 vs 64 XP?


(ETA oops I'm giving you praise, not raise! Sorry to get your hopes up)
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