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WTF - work rant

"Oh I tried to reach you and couldn't"

Are you on smoke? I've gotten on call from you this week, it was yesterday after the close of business.

When I want to reach someone, I call them 3 times a day, on every possible phone line. I call their cow-orkers, I call their boss. I call their spouse, their children and their bank. I sent out e-mails every hour on the hour.

I even send a time traveling super robot back in time to scare the bejesus out of their parents and stalk them through their whole lives!

If I wanna get in touch with you, you'll not only know it, you'll be getting a restraining order to make me stop.

and to answer the question you wanted to ask me, No I can't do 9 days worth of work in a half a day, esp when it involves three other groups of people entirely.

Just saying.
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