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Dec. 5th, 2007 @ 05:37 pm It's all about Him
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Date:December 6th, 2007 10:53 pm (UTC)
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LJ ate my comment.

Not too much info. I'd found bits & pieces but not enough to work out what was actually going on.

I think the loose dog thing is aggravated when you have smaller/cute dogs, because the other dog's owners don't see it as a threat. Whereas if they saw, for example, my sister's Belgian Malinois approaching, they'd be calling their off-lead dogs in quick smart (although Dora gets on well with other dogs).

Jaz was generally good with other dogs *when I wasn't around*. If I was there/she was on lead, a fight, or at least a lot of growling & snapping, was inevitable.

Although she was never allowed off-lead except in a controlled environment, we did manage to get on the other side of the "loose dog" problem. We were doing an obedience test, and during the recall, she ran across the oval to 'talk to' a little yorky/silky type dog. Like an idiot, I called out to her (reminding her I was there) and she grabbed the smaller dog and growled at it. Then went back, finished the recall and passed the test. Which I guess isn't quite the same as running over to attack another dog but it doesn't take much for a situation to change.

Mostly though, I put it down to stupid people. I mean, if your dog is jumping at another dog, and the other handler has their dog hauled in against their legs, while that dog lunges and snarls at your dog do you:

1. take a couple of steps back
2. pull your dog in
3. continue to fill in the form, oblivious to what your dog is doing