ferragus (ferragus) wrote,

Wild in the Streets - Part 2

I'm sleeping the sleep of the just, when my cell phone rings. Might be important, so I get up to answer it.

Boy that new ring tone carries well, I already knew it was the first one I'd found that I could hear over the noise of 7000 servers on the data center floor.

Of course I had to leave the phone downstairs, so it's ringing a long time too.

By the time I get to the phone I'm not surprised to find that the ring has stopped, I am surprised that there's no missed call on the phone.

About that time the 'ring' starts up again! only it's not coming from the phone, it's coming from out back!

I had a visitor, a Burrowing owl (see my LJ Icon).

I'll have to take a careful look out back before the dogs come down for another visit, wouldn't want them to disturb a nest.

(wildlife ring tones for free at here check them out!)
Tags: fauna

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