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Printer for sale

My SO (Significant Other) has decided to sell her not so old printer.

A Xerox Phaser 8500n for $700

It's a work horse of a printer, and considering it nearly weighs as much as a work horse that's an appropriate turn of phrase.

There's an add up on Craigslist here

But instead of making you follow the link just for the details, there they are under the

Xerox Phaser 8500N - List $899
Assorted warrantied third party wax "ink" refills (x19 blocks) approx. $170.00
Xerox Rainbow Pack "ink" refill $112.00
Transferable on-site warranty until 5/2008 $219
Newly installed maintenance kit: $101.00
Total $1500
Will sell for $700

This printer hits up to 24 ppm and 1200dpi print resolution, has outstandingly rich, deep color, and handles a good heavy office workload; paper tray capacity of 500 sheets. It comes with its original installation disk and support paperwork, and the warranty is transferable. It has a print history of less than 7,000 pages and has been in service for 16 months; office needs have changed.

The really chewy specs are on this page: http://www.direct.xerox.com/direct/public/products/xerox_product_details.cfm/product/xerox_8500_8550_printer.html

Printer is in Flagstaff until October 22, and Phoenix after that. Because of the weight of this printer (approx. 70 lbs), shipping is not high on my list of options.

As an added bonus to anyone in AZ, I'll deliver it myself to anyone within a few hours ride from Flagstaff to Tucson (that's about 90% of the state I think).

Any questions about the printer, contact her through the Craigslist ad please.

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