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I have committed Flickr

All the kool kids where doing it.

Wow to think of all the hours I wasted creating thumbnails by hand and hand coding the HTML for galleries and ...



I've nearly finished uploading photo's from 1998 (when I started taking digital photos).  Lunacon, Dreamation, I-Con, Philcon, and Albacon. Interesting that I have no photo's from Dexcon for that year. I'll check a few other computers, but it's possible I was just working too hard that con to get any shots.

Working on 1999 now!

Any way, wander over if your inclined, and see what everyone looked like 9 years ago.

(most of my friends list is there or will be soon!)

If I come across anything really embarrassing, I'll make note of it here :)


ETA: I knew there had to be an easier way to link to my photos, new link posted.
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