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Amex Members

Hey if you're an Amex cardholder, here's something you can do that's kind of nice.

Amex is doing a charitable bit called "The Members Project", just for signing up, Amex will donate $1 to the project.

Where does the money go? Well you can decide that too. Funding Teaching project, Safe drinking water, restoring US National Parks, plant a million trees adn funding for residential wind and solar power are the final 5.

So of course there's an angle to this posting. You can find that at The PTA vs. P&G, Part II (that's over on DailyKos).

Trapper John makes a good argument for supporting DonorsChoose, which "funds tiny projects with disproportionate benefits to our educational system (take as an example the pre-K teacher at Butler Bilingual in DC who's looking for $547 to buy paints and art supplies for her kids -- because arts funding has become "an afterthought in most school curricula")". Enough so that I went ahead and voted for that project.

I'll just encourage you all to head on over, sign up (hey if you're a card member, Amex already has all you're info) and check things out for yourself.

Even if your project doesn't win, it's still money to a good cause.
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