ferragus (ferragus) wrote,


Flew in on the red eye Monday Morning (7:30 AM arrival from Las Vegas)

Had a 2PM meeting with clients (glad my deodorant held out!) and ran into some trouble when I got back to the office so I ended up working a full day +

Don't you hate when you get home, look around and realize you've been up for 36 hours and won't be able to get to sleep until the buzz wears off from that last double expresso?

Yesterday was kind of a normal day, I slept in until 9AM. Then I found out the ISP for the office was doing maintenance between midnight and 6AM today. Being a responsible geek I had to monitor things, but at least from home. I don't know if I'm pissed because we never went off line, or relieved?

Time to shower and head to work, installing a new tape library for the production systems. Hopefully I'll be home at a reasonable hour and can catch up on my TV watching.

A forty hour day, ten hours of sleep, followed by a 30 hour day and 2 hours of sleep, and I'm thinking of watching TV tonight? I must be insane!

off to work!

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