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In which resides all knowledge

The position of "My Boss" is open, and they are interviewing for it today.

This is the Manager of the Datacenter Position, under them will be SysAdmins (like me), Site Techs (the guys that rack, cable, and power up stuff), Engineer types (mechanical and electricians), Asset management types (shipping and receiving) and security folks. The position is also responsible for administrative tasks (seeing the utilities get paid, managing the contracts of the Security folks and other contractors) and will be overseeing the construction of our new phase (more contractors, building types this time).

If you were doing this interview, and could ask two questions, what would they be?

The interview is at 2PM today, so I've only got about 4 hours to gather ideas, (and I'm not actually giving this interview, one of my cow-orkers is) but I thought this would amuse your minds.

(also just writing this has given me some more ideas, like asking about their construction experience).


(feel free to offer more then two questions if you really wanna)

ETA: The interview is happening as I write this (I'm not giving it remember :) but as I said below, there might be other interviews. So feel free to suggest away.
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