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Noreascon4 Pictures!

Right Here!

The first page is First Night, beginning with a shot of jimor, terrymcgarry and stevendj, and moving on to the antics of the SFWA Musketeers, their arch nemesis The Cardinal and his Lovely but Evil Henchwenches (led by the lovely and talented suricattus). The Musketeers are lovely and talented too, and they have swords! Of course Suri has scotch ... That's a tough call. A fun shot is here, which has Suri censoring kalligraphy as he heckled the Cardinal.

The second page, first row is the last of the First night pix, then I've got two shots of Erin!! and Ming the Merciless, two friends and writers from Sff.net. If you look carefully you can see Irongall's arm. Then we have the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund auction shots. My favorite of this is here, which shows Suri holding what really is the most hideous picture in the galaxy. And look! It Exactly Matches the color of her blouse!

That hideous picture was donated to the auction by myself, I'd picked it up at the auction at Philcon the previous winter and Peter Heck and several other nice folks (Lawrence Watt Evans, Beth and Mike Zipser, John Pomeranz and Debbie Chalfie) helped to document it's provenance. The story Peter told at Philcon was that Roger MacBride Allen had been given the picture as a gag gift a while back, and after looking at it one time too many (which might have been one time!) he decided to hand it off to his montly poker game as a booby prize to the biggest loser of the night. It wasn't long before the players were all tired of looking at it and decided that it really needed a better home, so it went to the EMF auction. Upon hearing that story, I thought that a bit of SF trivia like that should be documented and preserved, and auctioned off again and maybe again! So I made a pest of myself, and got the above mentioned folks to sign off on a letter written by Peter, boxed the whole thing up in a display case and schlept it up to Boston for the auction. Much to my amazement, someone bought it! A nice gent from Germany, who got completely into the spirit of the thing and decided to carry it with him to Worldcon in Glasgow next year and there auction it off again. Will it make it to LA in 2006? and Japan in 2007? Will I be able to resist bidding on the darn thing again and end up the one carrying it there? Who knows!

The last five shots on the second page are the beginning of the second appearance by the SFWA Mustketeers and the Cardinal and his Henchwenches, which go onto the end of the photos I took. They are all worth looking at, but a few stand out:

The Queen, Esther Friesner

suricattus pinning a favor on Bill Seney, one of the faithful Musketeer Auxiliaries (The sale of the favors was to raise money for the SFWA EMF)

kalligraphy and suricattus go face to face as an Auxillary and the Lead Henchwench 
(Sorry that shot is blurred, it's still worth seeing for the body language alone :)

The Other Henchwenches

The players waiting to be introduced

A shot of Laura Underwood which was very blurred, but when I played with it came out nicely abstracted.

The Musketeers salute

And many more. I really like so many of them, it's hard to trim them down at all.

If you are pictured and would like to be named, drop me a note, I'll take care of it ASAP, on the other hand if you'd like to have your photo removed, drop me a line and I'll take care of it even sooner then ASAP!

I'm amazed that I didn't get any shots of the SFF.net party suite or the Hugos or Masquerade or Opening or closing ceremonies. or even any good shots of terrymcgarry! I'll make up for it at WFC next month, I promise.

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