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Where I've been

Sunday I went to the ER and ended up being admitted to the hospital for tests.

The good news is that the symptoms cleared up quickly, but despite three days of testing, a cause wasn't found. I'm home now and catching up with things.

It's possible I did it to my self (Stomach bypass surgery in 2000, and then the high doses of Ibuprofen I had treating my knee injury from early this month - Oh right don't take NSAID if you've had the surgery and Ibu is an NSAID). It will be a couple of days until I know the results of todays (8 hour) test, but until then I'm taking it easy and just trying to get back into things.

I might be able to post some of the funnier moments of the past few days later, but right now I just don't feel right doing so.

Just know that I'm fine right now, and please go tell a friend how special they are to you.


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