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Cat cursing

A friend of mine says that her cats are always giving her the "You Bitch!" treatment when she returns from a trip.

Funny, but that thought comes through clear from my cats when they're pissed too.

Last night, Skitz was cuddling with me on the bed as I was about to sleep, and I noticed she was, well getting fat, and so her harness (much better then a collar) was a little tight so I decided to take it off.

A quick release snap and oops she's run off.

About five minutes later she comes running in the room, terrified because there is this horrible thing hanging from her neck. She's so scared, she won't let me near and runs into the other bedroom and hides under the bed ... ALL NIGHT and DAY!

She just finally came out and I snagged her and got the loose harness off her. She stopped for a minute gave me a "You Bitch!" look and ran away again.

But I'm glad it's off, I had been worried about her getting the ends stuck on something.

She's off sulking in my bedroom now, hopefully she'll come down soon for some food.

Silly cat.
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