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Well that stinks

So I've been trying to take it easy with my banged up knee and all, but evidently I haven't been goofing off enough.

I went to see my Chiropractor last night (In part because so many folks at home and at work have been nagging me to see a Dr) and she took a look and pulled out the phone book to find me a clinic with an xray machine.

The bruise had spread down my calf so that it now reached from my knee area to the sole of my foot. The calf was swollen and bright red and hot in places. She didn't think it was ambulance to the ER time, but she didn't think I should wait any longer.

We found a clinic that took my insurance, had an xray machine and was open until 8PM (it was already 6 when I left her office). The place was empty when I got there, so after I filled out 101 forms (and the place filled up) the nurse got me and did a warm body check (no temp and blood O2 was 98% is all I recall). Then he passed me on to the Dr.

Dr took a look, said "Oh that doesn't look that bad" and then gently did some probing and prodding (gently as he really thought I'd be in more pain then I was).

He took me off cold packs and put me on hot (to open the blood vessels up and help drain the swelling and break up the bruise)

He gave me an antibiotic course (The skin broke in the fall and with the red and heat it wouldn't hurt to be safe)

and he gave me 800 mg Ibuprofen for the swelling.

He kept asking how the pain was, I kept saying not bad and then he finally asked if I wanted anything for pain. Sigh, not thinking about kidney stones or migraines, so I said, naw I was fine. Let's hope that doesn't come back and bite me!

Lastly he's got me in compression stockings to keep the swelling down while I'm working (and I guess traveling tomorrow).

The part that really stinks?

Since I've just started an antibiotic course, I can't drink at Lunacon! 

Foo! Foo I say! Foo!
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