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Starting March off with a BANG (or)

How I learned to Love "Kiss a Truck Month"

Yes that's right kiddies, it's not too late for you to take part in "Kiss a Truck Month"!

Let me tell you of my fun good times, and how kissing a truck drove the demons of sickness from my body.

As you may recall, back on Feb 26th, I reported that I was feeling poorly. Well Wednesday night that pretty much came to a head, with me being up coughing and miserable all night. So Thursday I called in sick, knowing that I'd be worthless all day and also knowing I was going to be heading over to the WestWorld Polo grounds (yes there really is such a place, of course it's in Scottsdale, use The Google, you'll find it!) in the afternoon to help my S.O. set up a tent for the three day Agility (and Rally Obedience) trail we were going to be attending. (Ok it's actually a 4 day trial, they are still there tomorrow, we both just agreed to skip that day and go back to work).

In a truly amazing bit of timing (thanks to cell phone technology for the assist) I managed to get there just moments before Herself did and was in fact just getting out of my car when they (she came down with her neighbor) pulled into the complex.

Quick hello's are exchanged and I run down to the grounds to grab a spot to set up, it's first come first served, and the decent ones go very fast.

A few minutes later She joins me and we discuss the various options, she has found a much better space then I did (of course) but it's right next to the bleachers, so we hedge our bets (putting stuff in both locations) and she goes in search of a ruling on our spot, while I go back for the second load - the all important Pop-up Shelter!

As I get to the parking lot, the sun is shining, I'm feeling better, neighbor is unpacking her vehicle and ... wow, look at the sparkles on that ladies hat!

Now I pause this tale to explain that the parking lot in this end of the polo grounds is partially paved, it's got a tarmac entry/drive and then the rest is dirt/rocks/gravel, and there's a maybe 2 inch drop in some places, from the paved to the natural surface. Like for example where I'm walking when I glance over at the bright orange sparkly hat!

Both feet stumbled almost at once, and I pitched forward. I land hard on my knees (left more then right evidently), but I'm still moving forward.

Thank Goodness I remembered to Kiss A Truck!

Toyota 4 Runner in particular. My face did a resounding SMACK into the left rear quarter panel.

My sunglasses (not only prescription, but bifocals!) are smushed, one lens pops out (unbroken, at least) and one nose piece is ripped from the frame. The other nose piece is merely bent into a shape resembling a used twist tie.

The two ladies (there was a second one, hiding in the glare of the hat) came over to see if I lived, the first thing I asked was if I was bleeding. When they said no, I said I was alright.

I managed to get the shelter down to our spot, and even got it set up, but most of the rest of the setup was done by herself.

Final damage: bruised nose with some scrapes, cut inside both lips (trucks are very aggressive kissers), a nice bruise on my jaw, minor scrapes on my hands and knees and most impressive of all, a left knee that appeared to have a cantaloupe grafted to it.

Ice packs got the swelling down pretty quickly, and the bruising started almost immediately. I took it easy Friday, hobbling around with my cane and doing as little as possible, will keeping ice packs on it all day. Friday night the swelling was noticeably less, and Saturday I even hobbled a bit without the cane (keeping it around mostly to fend off overly friendly dogs and oblivious people). Today I left the cane in the car, walked several miles with hardly a limp and the swelling is all but gone.

The bruise however, is a wonderful eggplant shade and should be evident for quite a while. As a bonus, it looks like the rest I got has finally kicked this head cold. I've got some residual sniffles, but the coughing has cleared up and I'm feeling very good overall.

So everyone, be inspired! Go out and find a new and exciting way to "Kiss a Truck"!
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