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Where have I been?

Keeping busy mostly.

Last week was exp thrilling as I had a ton of work to do. I'm superman, so of course I got it all done by Friday (anyone from work reading this, get your own LJ and tell it your way!). Only glitches were 2.5 hours of sleep on Tuesday night, led to being tired Wednesday, so I went to bed early and got 7.5 hours of sleep ... only to make me even more tired on Thursday. So I took off reasonably early Thursday (hey, getting someone else to do you work, still counts as superman points!) and Friday I was Ok ...

Ok until I went up to Flagstaff for the weekend. I was for sure sick by the time I got there and so went into isolation while I was there (well sort of isolation).
Saturday I felt better, Sunday I felt worse.

I'm not on heavy duty cold meds (Guy Fenstration - expectorant, Dexomethodone - cough suppressant, Claritin-D - the kind you make Meth out of, and Excedrin) and am feeling pretty good. Actually with that cocktail in me it's a wonder I'm not flying.

The real challenge will be, can I get in my workout this evening?

Yes Virginia, I've been keeping up with the workouts, even though I've completely fallen off the map here.

Look for some numbers soon, um Ok?

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