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Things I really want to own

or at least afford!

A while back at a dog show, United Specialties had a custom motorhome on display. Built on a full size truck frame, these are huge and durable. Here's some shots:
http://www.united-specialties.com/motorhomes.htm (The garage units are neat too, you can haul your wheeled toys with you where ever you go!)

Recently I saw a Nissan Tino (Right Hand Drive no less!) going down the streets of Phoenix. The Tino is Nissan's crossover (between a car and a minvan) hybrid car that's been available in the UK, Eire and EU for a few years. Well that led me to www.hybrid-vehicles.net and there I found This little gem!

So if you put them all together, you have the perfect energy efficient, low emissions, motorhome!

How cool is that?
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